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बागबजारको एउटा होटल। त्यो होटलभित्रको एउटा बैठक कक्ष। दुई भिन्न कार्यक्रम तर एउटै प्रमुख अतिथि। एउटै विधा। प्रकाशक पनि एउटै- शब्द शताब्दी। एउटै मान्छेका भिन्न भिन्न भूमिका। प्रशंग हो- दुई कविता संग्रहको विमोचन।

Hostile Host 0 ON: June 26, 2009

Nitty-gritty Raimondo Bultrini, an Italian journalist is passionate about Nepal. Since 2000, he has been visiting this country as a representative of Italy’s prestigious newspaper, La Republica. Last week he arrived again to feel the pulse of the new Nepal. In his… बृस्तृत…

Democracy or anarchy? 0 ON: June 18, 2009

Rajendra Bajgain, a tourism entrepreneur in Kathmandu’s Thamel, called me on Sunday night and spoke in a sad voice. “My 10-year-old son has asked me to leave Nepal and go to America”, he said. “He’s scared by scenes of tire burning and… बृस्तृत…

Naked Lie vs Naked Truth 0 ON: February 15, 2006

(Orginally published here.) The Nepalese king is alarmed by the international response to his royal “coup d’etat.” On February 1, 2005 , in the name of consolidating democracy, King Gyanendra attacked the basic structures of democracy, i.e. peaceful protest, press freedom and… बृस्तृत…

‘Writers don’t carry guns’ 0 ON: March 29, 2002

Are the security forces fighting the Maoists or journalists? Why are they finding it necessary to fight journalists? Especially at a time when the press has been very critical of the inhuman activities of the Maoists.

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